Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010

Hello Everyone

Oh My Goodness Angie your blog is great!! Those pictures are so funny. I`m in a library right now, and I wanted to start laughing out loud. I love the one where Caleb is upside down just landing. Haha. They`re so cute! Well I`m proud to announce that my new and first area is the Kiriyu stake, and the Kiryu ward. The Kiriyu area as well. My dads name is Elder Stabi, and he is from Brazil. So in our area there is a Brazilian area full of Brazilians. We went there one day, and my companion and everyone were talking in Portuguese the entire time. I love my new area though. Its a pretty big area, and so were going to be biking a lot. I just bought my bike today. We ordered it last week and it came today. Its lime green.....I love it. Nothing better than a Gaijin Brazilian on a red Giant, and me a white Gaijin American on a lime green Bike. Love it.

So we just had zone conference yesterday and it was really cool. It was a long trip, but fun. I saw friends from the MTC and I saw some of our Senpai from the MTC too. That was pretty cool.
So I want to tell you about somethings. The night we were coming home we started talking to this guy in English from Sri Lanka. We started talking to him and set up a time to come over to his house. That was pretty cool. He said he read the bible everyday, and was interested in talking with us more. Well on Saturday or Friday we met him at the train station by his house, and then walked to his house. It was like a mile away. Well we went in and started talking about the Book of Mormon. We were reading from 3rd Nephi when Christ came. He was sitting there for a while trying to find it in the Bible. (Even though we explained it wasn't the bible) But after he said, your English bible is not the same as my bible. Its true! Its BETTER!!! I`m kidding we didn't say that. But after we read it a little more and talked about it, he started getting really really excited. He was like "I need this book. Where can I get this book". We were like "We have got one right here!" So we gave him a Japanese one, and he said he would read it. But his native language is Shinglish or something like that, so we told him we would order one for him. After we said that he got excited again. He said at least 7 times after that at random times "Please get me one in my language". When we were walking back to the train we were just talking and he asked if we liked any movies. Then when we asked him, he said, yea I like movies, but instead now I read from the bible, but now, I will read the book you gave me. It was awesome. My trainer was like, I've never seen someone so excited about the Book of Mormon. It was way cool.

Sunday at Church was really cool. There was a family whose son I had met in the MTC, and so that was pretty cool. I stood up in Sacrament meeting though and bore my testimony in Japanese and it was pretty cool. The Dendo Shunin or ward mission leader and his wife after came up to me and were like "we hate you, we hate you, we've been here ten years, and we can`t do what you just did". Even though they COULD!! They just choose to speak Portuguese. They`re way cool though. We went over to their house to meet them, or for me to meet them, and we had dinner. It was amazing.

Well this area is awesome, Japan is awesome, this Gospel is awesome!! I feel so blessed to be in Japan for my mission. And by the way this is the most expensive mission in the world. We`re twice as expensive as those in Utah. Weird. Well I love you guys. Thanks for all your love and support.

Love, Elder Stewart

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