Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake in Japan - First E-mail from Kyle

Hi everyone!!! Our mission president told us to email and tell everyone especially parents that we are safe and sound. So I'm safe and sound. It was really funny. We were riding our bikes to visit an investigator when it started. We heard the siren going off, but we didn't know it was for Earthquakes!! So we kept riding wondering what the siren was, then we turned down this road, and saw people outside. One lady yelled at us abunai!! Abunai!!! which means like its dangerous! then we got off our bikes, and noticed everything was just shaking. the light poles and electrical wires were going like crazy!! Then it stopped, and we figured where it was coming from. But we were heading home, and of course there were aftershocks. The first one hit when we were crossing the river and this big bridge. But since then there has been a lot of little tremors. Last night we woke up a few times to little earthquakes, and the sirens, but no damage has been noticed here. Were completely fine. Its interesting though. The trains are shut down, so no one can get home, or get to work. We had some members go to the temple yesterday but because of the trains getting shut down, they were not able to come back, so they spent the night at the temple.... Also our Ward activity today got canceled, as well as the baptism, but there is a little story about that ill have to explain next week. Well I love you guys a lot!

Elder Stewart

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