Monday, March 21, 2011

Japan Fukuoka Mission - March 21, 2011

Hello Everyone!! Well I am now a Japan Fukuoka Mission. My new mission president is President Margetts. I'm not really sure what President Albrecht is up to, but for the time, I answer to President Margetts. No one has any idea how long this will be, although I could see it being pretty short. But I could see it being pretty long. They are predicting another big quake to hit Tokyo shortly, but I'm not sure. They predicting another big one to hit withing three days of the first big one. But all there was was aftershocks. This morning we were on the phone with President Margetts to hear the announcements for the week, and he said they have no idea how long this will be. No one knows, but we pray well be able to go back soon.
I am sorry to say that I'm not sure which mission Elder Petersen went to. I'm not sure where all my previous companions are. They are not in Fukuoka here though. But it was way cool coming here, and seeing some old friends from the MTC. I'm here in a threesome in Nagasaki. My companions are Elder Mcglinchy and Elder Shaner. They are on transfer 13 right now. To get here to Fukuoka we took the bullet train for about 6-7 hours. It was long and intense. We had all of us about 42 missionaries, and all of our luggage, and we had to haul it on to the train. Crazy.... Then there was no room for all the luggage, but we figured stuff out.. Nagasaki is really cool! I really love it here. The president told me to get used to the hills, and I'm trying!! Its sooo hilly! The city is just built up right on the hills. I love it. Its way pretty and beautiful. Way Japanesy too. Well I just want to say that I love it here in Nagasaki. It really is an amazing place. However, like every other Tokyo missionary, can't wait to go back. Japan Tokyo really does feel like home now. We all just want to go back home. We all want to go back home to President and Sister Albrecht.

Well I love you all! thanks for everything you do!

Elder Stewart

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  1. I am so glad that he is safe and is continuing to do the Lord's work with so much enthusiasm. I have been updating Braden as well.

    Thank you for keeping up with your postings of his letters. I love to read them, but never leave a comment.

    Melanie Bolton