Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey I'm not going to be able to email tomorrow, but I love you guys!! We`re getting transfer calls on Wednesday, and then all the other missionaries are coming back up to Tokyo on Thursday, then were transferring on Friday. I think I'm gone, but well find out soon. I could stay, could go. Well find out. Its my turn to go, and I have been here a while, so it could come.

So quick update, Yamaguchi and Ito are getting baptized this Saturday!! Yay!! We think they`ll go through. Yamaguchi is nervous like crazy, but he is doing good. Yamaguchi`s baptismal interview is tonight, and Ito`s was last week. Were looking good!!

Well I love you guys! Hang in there with everything, and I`ll let you know about transfer calls! Love you!!

Elder Stewart

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