Monday, September 26, 2011

September 24, 2011

Hello everyone!
Well the typhoon was a little bit of a scare, but its something The Japanese are kind of used to. About every year they get a typhoon. The sad thing though is that some people died in this last typhoon. It had some really strong winds in some areas, and really heavy rain. But everything is back to normal now. Also yes, Japanese are really good at recovering after something happens. After the earthquake and tsunami, everyone was really good to preserve energy/water etc. I was way impressed.
Well I didn't get transferred, but my companion did! So for the last 5 transfers I've been Zone leader here, but now I'm not that anymore, and for my last two transfers I get to train again! A lot in my group when I came to Japan are training as well. We've all got 2 left, so were getting a bean for the last two. I'm so excited! It going to be way fun. I'm a little bit nervous, but more confident than I was last time i trained. I'm excited to dendo with a new missionary, and help him get going on his mission right as I go home. A perfect little exchange there right. Ha ha. Another interesting thing, they have a new training program for new missionaries. For their first two transfers, companionship study is going to last 2 hours! There is a variety of training exercises and things to do during those two hours. President is also having everyone in the mission do it. So we all are having 2 hour companionship study. It should help us all become better teachers, and more effective missionaries. I'm excited for it.
Well we had a couple of cool miracles this past week. Last Sunday we found these two people and set up appointments to go and visit them. One of them is name Imai Takashi. We taught him lesson 1, and shared that he can know these things are true. He felt some pressure, so afterwards he sent us an email saying that he has his beliefs and he doesn't think he can believe in the Book of Mormon. He asked us not to come back, and to delete all of his information. We replied saying that we understand he has his religion. We just want to share ours, and its okay if he doesn't believe it. He said that is okay, and we kept our appointment to visit on Thursday. So we went over, and taught him the Plan of Salvation. So when I teach I always use scriptures. But with him, we used more than I've ever used! He was really good with the scriptures, and liked having them so we wanted to use them more. We read a lot of scriptures, and taught the plan of Salvation. When we were talking about the Celestial Kingdom, he pointed to it and said, I want to go there! He told us that his mother had passed away some years ago, and he would really love to see his mom again. Previous to this we explained that missionary work is going on in the spirit world. I mentioned that I think his mother was studying there as he is studying here. I told him about my Grandpa who passed away, and how i feel like he could be in the spirit world teaching, possibly even to his mother! He laughed and thought that would be cool if our deceased relatives were talking like we were talking then. Ha ha. After that lesson though he mood completely changed. He said he wanted to believe the message, and he said he thinks he can. After that he came to Saturday Eikaiwa, then after Eikaiwa we had a lesson. In that lesson we said we wanted to share how we can receive eternal life. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he understood really well. Again, we used a lot of scriptures. We asked how his faith was, and he said right now from 1 to 100 is about 20. When we met it was at 0. Also if he gets to 70 or 80, he wants to get baptized! So we set a date to work towards. He is really a kinjin. (Golden Investigator) He only has a couple of problems to overcome, but we feel like he can do it.
We also have this new couple investigator who are way cool! They are both Protestant, and way cool. The wife speaks fluent English. The husband doesn't, but at the Eikaiwa he explained that he wants to improve his English so he can preach the Gospel, because that is what Jesus has commanded all men to do. I couldn't believe it! He wants to preach the gospel. The two of them though say they go to the Protestant Church, but they don't really believe it. They just go because its to worship God. They ask a lot of questions though. We've been talking a lot through email. They asked what the difference is between the Mormon Church and the Protestant Church. We were able to send videos from, and a lot of other stuff. The two of them are really like those people who are hidden from the truth, because they know not where to find it. Once i get my new bean, we are planning on visiting them hopefully Thursday night, and talk with them about it. We haven't had a chance to talk about it yet slowly. I'm looking forward to that.
Well again things are going great. I'm excited for these next two transfers. Just ready to see a lot of miracles with him. That is what I'm hoping for, and that is what we're going to work for. Love you all!
Elder Stewart

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