Monday, November 21, 2011

November 20, 2010

Hi Everyone
OK! Cool miracle! We have an investigator getting prepared for baptism on December 18th. He came to Church for the second time yesterday, and we set a date. He is so golden! he is 19, working, and wanting to go to America for School. He came to English class this last week, and met Yogo, a 17 year old member. They really hit it off. So here is what I'm thinking. If Yogo were to baptize him, they would be eternal friends, Yogo would remember it the rest of his life, his desire to serve a mission would sky rocket, Yamaguchi (the investigator) would be baptized, and we would all be on the road to Eternal Life! There would be no better way to end my mission then to see this 19 year old get baptized. He would serve a mission too, and help numbers of people. If I can ask one thing of all of you. Please don't pray for me anymore. I'm not important right now. Forget about me. Please pray that Yamaguchi will develop the faith to be baptized on December 18th. Please remember him in your prayers.
Love you all so much, thank you for your love and support!
Elder Stewart

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