Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010

Hi Everyone!
Well on the second day we were here, we were having a new missionary large group meeting thing. It was pretty cool, cause half way through Elder Holland walked in, and at the end of the meeting he talked to us for a little bit. It was really powerful because he did something like what he did during his last conference talk about the Book of Mormon. He talked about how Joseph Smith wouldn't die for something that wasn't true. He wouldn't leave his wife widowed, and his children fatherless. He would not dare go all he went through for something that he just 'made up'. Holland was almost shouting when he talked to us to. He said something like 'this isn't some game you guys are a part of. This isn't some trick that us old guys are playing on you. This is serious. You are serving the Lord.' It was really cool.
So you wanted to know more about my Doryo (Companion). He is from Colorado Springs Colorado. He is into wrestling, he is about my heigth, and pretty chill. Not uptight about things, but just goes with the flow. I really like him, and the past couple days we've been getting along quite well. We're both REALLY excited, because tomorrow our other roommates (going to Mississippi) are leaving, and we're getting two Nihonjins. Straight from Japan, and don't know English. Haha. They're going to be here for three weeks, and leave with our Senpais. And just so you know, Nihonjins, are Japanese, and Senpai are the group who came in 6 weeks before us. We're called the Kohais. So all of the Senpais are jealous, cause we're going to get some good practice the next few weeks. But it'll be really hard. It'll be nice to get some help with things, or at least try. haha. Well I've gotta go. My laundry ends soon. I love you guys!! Thanks Family! You guys are the best!

Stewart Choro

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