Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19, 2010

Wow! It sounds like things are really exciting there!! Everyone seems to be doing great!! Right now I'm in Shibuya Tokyo, and it is crazy here!! I'm not on transfers or anything. We went to the Tokyo Temple today, and it was awesome!! Anyway Shibuya here is like where Tokyo Drift was filmed. So it’s pretty awesome here!! It is like New York, only better!! Cause it’s in Japan. So right now we are in a MAC store, and so I should be able to send some pictures, but we’ll see.

So this week has had its up and downs. We taught Prabatsan the Sri Lankan the plan of Salvation and it went really well. He thought the plan was awesome. But he unfortunately wasn't able to come to church because of Visa issues. He had to come into Tokyo to change his visa. So he hasn't come to church yet, but he is reading the Book of Mormon, actually read all of First Nephi, and I think he knows the church is true. So things are looking good with him. The Brazilian investigator, Yabukisan has been a little shaky. He didn't come to church on Sunday even though he told us he was going to. We even got him a ride, but he never showed up. We think it is his wife, because they've had bad experiences with other churches in the past. She wouldn't even let us pray when we came over to teach because of things that have happened. So with them were praying things will turn out better. If they just came to Church we know they'd feel a lot better. They'd know more how we pray, and how we function.

So things have been going great! Last night we had a shokuji with the Shimizu family who pretty much knows everything about the church, but they're not baptized. It was so much fun with them. They are so nice. I could understand the daughter pretty well, and she told me (she is 23) that she was my Japanese okachan, or mother. They were so nice. They started taking lessons like 20 years ago, and have been off and on. They're just really curious about things, and love the missionaries. But I hope to change the status of them to members. The ward would literally change with them. I want to use my bean (New missionary) innocence and ask why they haven't been baptized, or why they don't come to church. They just need to be baptized.

Well I was only able to put on a few pictures. I hope you like them. Haha. My bike is suteki neh? Haha. I like it. Well thanks for all the love and support! I love you guys!

Elder Stewart

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