Monday, May 24, 2010

April 25, 2010

Hello Friends and Family!!

I am glad to say that things are going great here! Kiryu is an amazing place to be. Very naka, (County), but very nice. Oh and by the way mom, a shokuji is a meal, like when we have meals with a family or someone it is a shokuji.

Ok and something else I have not yet mentioned, which I wonder if anyone has been asking. They have Bidet`s here, they`re amazing. At my first Zone Tai Kai or conference the church was like 4 stories tall. Like it is bigger than the temple I think. But it had a bidet. It is so nice! It had a couple different options you could select, and very nice. But when I used it, I turned it on, but then didn`t know how to turn it off. I thought if you just stand up it would turn it off automatically. But that didn`t work, but then I was looking on the little control panel, and saw the stop button, which upon pressing it, stopped the flow of water. So that was my first Bidet experience and it was awesome! You don`t have to waste as much money on toilet paper, or the fuss of clogging the toilet. It just works better! Bidets are very nice. I could recommend it to everyone.

So this week has had its up and downs. We have interviews with the President which went very well. It was fun to see and talk to him again. Then on Friday we were just streeting and talking to people, and we met one guy who spoke English who said his favorite state is Utah! What? He said he has driven all across the US, been to almost every country, but yet his favorite country is none other than Utah. He loves the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. So that was really cool. He then started talking about a religion that is really big in Utah, and we said that we were from that church, and he mentioned polygamy, which we quickly explained is not allowed. So we talked to him, and he said he would come to Church, so he did! We met before Sacrament Meeting and talked about the sacrament which led to many other things. He later mentioned something to Sakurai Kyoudai that he thought people needed religion. He is very interested, and seems like a real kinjin, or a golden investigator. He is coming to Eikaiwa tomorrow night, and so we are very excited.

Well the down is that we still haven`t been able to meet with Prabat. He is still working on his Visa, and hasn`t been too consistent on calling us back. We got his Book of Mormon, and we just need to give it to him, but we don`t know where he is, or what he is up to. Our Brazilian is still a little hesitant. He was going to come to Church on Sunday, but it is kind of far, and his designated ride wasn`t able to come. Stabi Choro was talking to him about Baptism which led him to ask about those who died who didn`t have the opportunity to be baptized. Stabi explained a little about the temple, and baptisms for the dead, and how we can do the work on their behalf here. He got really excited. I couldn`t understand him, but by the tone of his voice and his face he really liked that.

So the Kiryu area here is being split. Oizumi is in our area now, but its full with a lot of Brazilians who a lot have interest, but it is hard to work there, cause we have to take the train to get there, and once we get there, we can only walk. So this next transfer it is going to be opened, and taken from the Kiryu area here. My companion is stoked. He has been talking to the President about this for a while now, and its finally being opened.
I can`t believe it has been a month already. I`ve been here almost a month is a few days here. By the way Angie, I have eaten the thing my teachers talked to us about, It is called Nato, and it really is quite good, at first it wasn`t that good, but now I like it more. I think it is like fermented Soy beans with these two sauces. It is really healthy, So I will partake.

Well Preston and Becca!! Good luck! I love you guys! I am so happy for you. You are just so cute together. You are going to be great together. Just wait to have a baby until I am home please. Congratulations

I love you guys! Congratulations Craig!! That is awesome on your mission call! You are going to be awesome. I don`t know if you`ll ever read this, but you`ll be great!

If you read this Grandma Stewart know I know love you, and that I`m always grateful for you and all you`ve done.

Grandma and Grandpa Shand I love you too. Thanks for your letter.

Mom, Dad, Spencer, Angie Nate Conner Caleb, I love you too!! I`m so grateful for you as well.

Not a day goes by that I don`t think of you guys. I love you!

Bye, Bye everyone. Until next time.....

スチュワ -ト 長老

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