Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Hello everyone!!

Mata, things here in Japan are 素晴らしい!!

Junko san has a baptismal date for next Sunday, and so were working hard to prepare her for that. Kitazume is a father of two kids, and is married, but because of family issues we are only teaching him. We`ll try and help him be baptized and then see with the family after. Its a complicated issue, and I don`t really want to share it. Gomen. Then we have some other Chinese investigators, who in our mission are called Kinjin, 金人。Eigo de, Golden investigator. Chinese people here are usually really good investigators, and we`have got a few of them so I`m excited about them. Things really are going well here. Just busy spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So this past week we had something really cool happen. We went over to the Shimizu Family who are way cool and nice. Met the missionaries 20 years ago, and know a lot about the church. Eternal Investigators to iu. So we went over, had dinner, and I taught a Mogi practice lesson with them, which they did not know was an actual real lesson. I taught lesson three thinking they had heard about all of it, but come to find out it was new stuff to them. They had heard about Baptism, and that stuff, but I don`t think they fully understood its purpose. How it is necessary in this life. It was way cool though. They said that this next week they`re all coming to church. the Three. This is big. I have talked with other missionaries that have worked with them, and they were never able to get them to church, but they said that if they did, that is all that would be needed. I`m not sure about that, But we`ll see. They`re teaching us how to make Gyoza (American Potstickers) on Friday, so we`ll be able to talk more then. Really like if they were to be baptized and come into the Ward, it would really change the Ward, so I`m way excited. Even them coming to church would change the Ward. So this week one of my biggest goals is to get them to Church. Every week we have been doing service with their Daughter Moe at her work, and I think that has helped them kind of open up a little more. They have three daughters, but she is the only one that lives there with them.
So that is very exciting. I hope things go well.

Well mission life is great!! I still love Kiryu, its very mountanous which is awesome! The mountains really are beautiful. I love it here. And when there gets a little fog in the mountains its even cooler. I`ll have to try to send pictures. I haven`t heard much updates on America, which I am totally fine with, so I assume the USA is still a country, and everyone is still American. I still am too just so you know. My eyes are still full screen, my skin in still white/red, and I still have Blue Blood running through my veins. Farewell.

スチュワート 長老

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