Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010


Yes its Elder Stewart again. Everything here is going great! I`m very excited for this coming week. So announcements for this week, is we have a baptism on Sunday which is very exciting! Is wasn`t this last Sunday, but this upcoming Sunday. Junko is getting baptised at 9 before church, which means to fill up the font, we have to be there at 6..... thats ok though. We`ve taught her all the lessons now, and she has her interview tomorrow.

So last week we weren`t able to go make gyoza with the shimizus, and they did not come to church. I was really sad. But we set up another time this week. Cross my fingers. This family just needs to be baptized!! They need the gospel so bad!! They`re such an amazing family, just might have their priorities a little out of line.

Also last week, one night me and my companion were just biking around Kiryu by some of the shops and stuff, and we passed a guy who asked us to stop. Said something about Morumon Kyo. So we stopped and started talking to him. Come to find out, he was a member but less active. I had been moving around a lot lately, and over a year ago lived in Ota, which is in my area. He went to church a few times, but no one believed he was a member, so there were some hard feelings. But he moved away, then recently moved back in by the Gunma college. He told us that he wanted to come back to church with his wife, and told us about when he came a year ago, but now that we were new faces, he wanted to come. He asked for us to come visit so we did. Friday we visited, and it was really cool!! He showed us his Aaronic Priesthood certificate, and told us a little bit more about him. Hes way cool. He says he really does want to come back, and maybe even go to the temple with his wife finally. So were meeting him again this week, and he said hes going to come to church on Sunday. Oh something else about him. Something different, is that he LOVES water. And not just regular water, He loves good water. He has like water filters, and told us how if you soak your tofu in the water for 20 minutes how much more delicious your tofu will be. He also pulled out a bottle of water that had never been opened. He then showed us the pricetag. it was like 4000 yen!! about 40 dollars!! For a bottle of water!! It wasn`t even a gallon of water. It was smaller than a gallon! So he opened it, and gave us some. then gave us another glass of normal Japanese Water, and had us compare. When we were drinking he kept saying Yukuri..Yukuri... or Slow....Slow.... It was pretty interesting. But hes been smoking, and drinking sake a little bit, but he said that from now on, hes going to stop. He then started crying a little, and said how he loved the church, and how with recent problems with his brother (who has mental problems) hes been starting to think about the church again. Then that night we rode by he stopped us. It was really cool. That night he stopped us, when we were talking he ran to his car, and pulled out a bag with the Book of Mormon, Bible, true to the faith, Aronnic Priesthood Duty to God, and some other books too. It was really cool. I`m really happy to have met him.

Well I`ve gotta go. I love you all! Thanks for all your love an support! This church is true, and nothing can stop the progression of it!! Including the J-Dubs (Jehovahs Witness)!! (We ran into a problem with Prabat and the J-dubs. Maybe I`ll write more next week.He found this thing online showing that the Mormons don`t believe the Bible.) Well Farewell!! Soo long!!

スチュワート 長老

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