Monday, June 14, 2010

June 7, 2010

HEY!!! Wow!! This week was amazing!! Such a good week!! Yes Junko’s baptism went through, and it was really good!! We had to be at the church at 6 in the morning to fill up the font, so we had to wake up at 4:30. It was totally worth it. We got there at 6:00 am and started filling the font, and found that the water heater was broken. In Japan the popular water heater here is the instant heat ones. It warms the water as you need it. So that thing wasn`t getting any gas, so we weren`t getting any warm water. So we called the bishop who was on his way, and when he got there he couldn`t figure out what was wrong, so we started warming water on the stove, and filling up a big pot of warm water in the kitchen and bringing it over. Well he finally fixed it after about 30 minutes, so we were really relieved. But everything else went well. My companion and I did a musical number, I played the piano and he sang, and it went really well. We had 4 investigators there which is great! Three of them were Chinese. One of them we`re actually meeting today, and we`re going to talk about baptism.... I`m excited. Yea we have like 4 Chinese investigators, and a couple potential. We are running out of Chinese Book of Mormons. Spencer I wish you were here to help. But anyway the baptism was awesome again. It was right before church, and we had a lot of members there. Also Iiboshi Kyodai was there, the water guy, and he stayed for all of Church. He really is awesome. I think he is going to come to church from now on. He is way cool. But before Junko got baptized, she asked me how long she was going to be under the water. I just explained that it is really quick. just down then up. Then she calmed down a little bit. Then after she got baptized, they closed the curtain, I said congratulations, and she asked, `wait. Only one time?` I said yea, and she started laughing. It was really funny. I was way nervous, and I think she was too. She was really relieved after. Then during Sacrament meeting Sakurai Kyodai confirmed her, and after she was crying. it was really cool. Yea so on Saturday night we went and visited the Shimizus, and we made Gyoza! (Potstickers) Oh yea it was soooo good!! We made about 200, and we pretty much at them all. Like 4 of us. It was so good. We`re going to go back this week, and give the father a Morumon Sho. He has a Morumon kei, which is the old translation, and a little difficult to understand. Then try to set a `Mogi` lesson. I think they just need someone to tell them to be baptized and they will. They`re so cool. They`re my Japanese mama and papa. Just like the Sakurais. I have two Japanese mama and papas. I really Love them. Kiryu is an amazing place!! I don`t want to be transferred!! Well everything is well here in Japan!! I love you all back home or wherever you are! Japan is Awesome!! It is filled with such amazing people! They`re so nice, and the old Japanese Ladies and guys are way cool! Way hard Japanese, but way cool! I`m so grateful for the opportunity to serve the people here. It is amazing. The people here need the gospel so bad! That is the hardest for me, is when they reject us, they have NO idea what they`re rejecting, how bad they need this message. It really is Heartbreaking. Such amazing people.
Well it is time for me to go. Until next week, keep you stick on the ice!!

スチュワート 長老 

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