Monday, August 9, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hello everyone!! Okay....Where to begin... Well I guess to start out we Jun got baptised on Saturday night, and confirmed the next day! It went really well! Its crazy how fast it was. He cam to church for the first time only two weeks ago. But he was ready, and had the desire, so why not? It was really funny after, because he was putting on his tie, which was a white one for baptism, but Sakurai shimai told him he could not do that. So Sakurai Kyodai took of his tie and gave it to him. So then Sakurai Kyodai went the rest of the night without a tie. But Jun did not like the tie. I was helping him put it on, and he was freaking out because he said it was too tight. (It was not) But once again, I played the piano, and Elder king sang, and it was really good!!
Okay next news, transfers was yesterday, and I was transferred. I`m now co senior with a Japanese Companion in Ushiku. Hes on his 7 or 8th transfer, and does not speak much English. I hope my Japanese will improve with him. I`m sure it will be hard at times, but in the end, it`ll be good. So yea I`m in Ushiku which is in Matsudo Stake, and next to the apartment is a big Buddha statue. Pretty cool. I`ll get some pictures of that.
So to email we have to come to Tsukuba, and we go by train. I was sitting on the train, and I looked at the map and saw Kiryu. Then an idea flashed in my mind. I could go back to Kiryu by train, where I know the members, know the area, know the good restaurants, and where I`m comfortable. I could go home. Then I realized, wait. Kiryu isn`t home...... I think leaving Kiryu was harder than leaving home. I`m not sure why. It really does show that when you serve people and care for them, you truly come to love them. It really is such an amazing area! Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, and so i stood up and bore my testimony. I said that when i left home, I thought I was leaving my family, which i was, but its almost like i came home to my other family. Really that is what it was like. Way weird. now I know what RMs feel like. Leaving their mission, and going home, when really it feels like your leaving home. Truly I love this gospel. I love being able to share it. I love the Japanese people. I have really gained a strong testimony that we all are sons and daughters of our heavenly father. Its so true! Anyways. Things are going great here in Japan! I love it! Everyone keep hanging in there at home! I love you guys! Thanks for all your love and support!


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  1. Thank you Sister Stewart for maintaining this blog. It is hard to believe that our sons first became friends only a year ago. I hope all is well with you. Braden is loving his mission and all that comes with serving the Lord.