Monday, August 9, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hello Everyone!!! Well this week, and last week was really good! I apologize I did not write an email last week. The library here was closed down. There were mice or something. But anyways, I don`t know where to start!! We had a baptismal service on Sunday. Haruki and Juria were baptised! It was way cool! Cause when they were bearing their testimony after, Haruki just really quickly said I know god created this earth and I`m grateful for that. Haha. But Juria`s testimony was way cool. She said that `I was starting to get worried that I would never get baptised. But when the missionaries asked me if I wanted to get baptized, I jumped out of the chair and said yes! Then when they asked me 2 weeks, and got really happy.` Thats a rough translation. But then in the service, the bishop gave a short talk, and shared how Haruki at first didn`t say yes. He was being really stubborn. But so were the missionaries. Everyone started laughing, and Haruki just turned around and looked at me, and smiled. Then the bishop turned to us and thanked us. That was a way cool moment. It feels so good being able to give this ward something. Its been over a year since the last baptism in this ward, and like 2 or 3 years since the last Japanese baptism. But in the last two to three weeks, we were able to give them 3. And in less then two weeks, they`ll have another. Its way cool though. Like I know I`m not really doing anything. If it was just all me and my companion, that wouldn`t have happened. I know I`m just an instrument in the hands of the Lord.
So our other baptism is Maki Shimai. (Shimai - Sister). She is Sakurai Shimai`s younger sister. That one was another miracle. She just came to church and again said she wanted to be baptized. It goes to show that people really are prepared. They`re ready. The lord and the spirit are working. We as missionaries just need to work hard so we can find them!!
I think our next investigator closest to Baptism is Shu. He is Chinese, and really believes in Christ and Heavenly Father. He`s just not sure about our church. Last night we met with him, and talked to him. We asked him if he wanted to come to Christ. He said yes. We said the only way is through Baptism. So we figured out that he wants to be baptized, and needs to be baptized. But he just doesn`t know which church to join. So last night before we left we had him pray. And in that prayer, we asked him, to ask god which church is right. So in his prayer, I said, `Heavenly Father, I want to come to Christ. I want to be baptised, but I don`t know the way. Please show me the way.` It was way cool to hear him say that. He really is our next possible baptismal candidate. I hope we can get him.
Really, like this week, we have found a few potential investigators. I really am way excited! I cannot believe I`m in week 3 of my 3rd transfer here already. I`ve been a missionary for almost 6 months now! Crazy!! I have seen so many amazing things already! Its hard to believe all the love I have felt, and the love I feel for these people. Last night we went to Hamazushi (Sushi restaurant - Pictures are on my blog) with the Matsuzawas. The two kids just got baptized the day before. But it was so cool. the kids are amazing. Its so hard not to pick them up! they have a cute little 4 year old girl, and shes way adorable! But really like, I love it here. I love the people. I love the Ward. This ward is amazing! Way small! Like only 40-50 members, but I feel like i know them better because of that. Its way cool. I`m so glad to serve here in Kiryu Japan! I`m so grateful for the opportunity to learn Japanese! I few weeks ago, we had a stake conference. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake city. this guy spoke, and he talked about when he was mission president of a spanish speaking mission, he would have missionaries calling him and saying, `President you have gotta send me home. I have been studying this language for weeks, and I still don`t have it down.` All of us missionaries just looked at each other and just started laughing. Try months! Years!! Its was way funny though. But really this work is amazing! I know this church is true! Keep hanging in there everyone!

スチュワート 長老

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