Monday, September 27, 2010

August 23, 2010

Well its been another week here is Ushiku! Things are going great! This past week we have had more than lessons than we have in a while, and we got some new investigators, and some new possible investigators. I`m not really sure what to write to be honest. Just another normal week. Last week I ate at an Indian Curry restaurant for the first time. We ate there with watanabe san who is a new investigator. It was really funny, cause the guy asked me where I was from, and said that his brother lived in America. And of course were talking in Japanese. Then after Watanabe san turned to me and translated into English for me. He stopped and looked at her (Watanabe san) and asked, can he speak Japanese? She said yea, and he then said well then why did you translate? It was really funny. Yesterday we went with her to a nearby Lake, and a little bike ride. It was way fun. Me and Elder Ochiai had no idea where we were going! It was a little scary. OH!!! On Saturday night we went to a Omatsuri or a festival! It was so much fun!! It was way Japanesey, and really fun. I ate for my first time, ika, which is squid, and it was pretty good! Definately different than anything I have eaten before, but it was quite delicious! At the Festival we met the mayor of the town, and talked to him a little bit. I also got a picture with him! YOSH!!! Then we went to DCS(I forgot what it is in English. The Missionary meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader) meeting the next day and found out we was a member!! Crazy!!
So yea things are going great here! Japanese is coming slowly, but hopefully surely. I Still love Japan, and still love you guys! Thanks for all your love and support, and for all your letters as well! Ai Shiteiru Yo!!!

Elder Stewart

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