Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hello Everyone! Greetings from Japan.

Today is very cold, very cold, and raining a little bit. But things are going good. This past week has been a lot of fun. On Tuesday we went to lunch with a less active, which we found out it was her Birthday that day! So we bought her lunch. Then the next day at Eikaiwa we had her and another student with a birthday so we made a cake, and played a fun family game. We wrapped them up in Toilet paper! It was a hit. Everyone had fun with it. The teams had about 6 people. They wrapped up the birthday girls and about tied. It was way fun! Then we brought out a cake with chocolate inside, chocolate frosting, Reeses peanut butter cups everywhere, M&Ms on the sides, and peanut butter drizzled on the top and sides. It was so delicious. Everyone loved it. It might have been too sweet for the Japanese mouth though. But it was still way good! Also the less active who’s birthday it was came to church on Sunday for the first time in about a year! And it was the Primary program, so it was really good!

On Friday we did splits with the Zone leaders. Elder Remington and I stayed here in Ushiku, and it was really fun. We got a little taste of what Dendo would be like in South America. We had a shokuji meal with a Peruvian member, then contacted one of their friends, who wasn`t Japanese. They were way nice, and spoke English. We talked and gave them a Book of Mormon, and said we would like to visit again, and maybe share more. She replied, Yea I`d like that...... Wait what?!?! I was surprised. But hey I`ll take it. So we set up an appointment for this Friday night. That was pretty cool.

Then on Saturday we played futsal in Matsudo for a couple hours after splits, then went back to Ushiku and played futsal again for a couple hours with some really cool PIs. They`re in like Junior High, and are on a Junior League team for a good Japanese soccer team. It was really cool. Then Sunday was Church, and we had the Primary Program which was awesome!! We have some of the cutest kids here. And there are a lot of them. My companion and I started bringing candy and when we shake their hands we give them a piece of candy. I did that one week, and then didn`t the next week. Then this week a 6 year old walks all the way up to me in Sacrament Meeting right before it starts, and shakes my hand. Then after he let go, he looked at his hand, saw nothing, then looked up at me with a really sad face.... I said I`m sorry I don`t have anymore. Then the next I saw him he was crying on his dad`s lap.Now I make sure every week from that point to bring a piece of candy for him. I felt so bad. There is also this other kid who always comes up to us, shakes our hands, and then just says ame...ame... which means candy. It is way cute!! Way funny!! Japanese babies are so adorable!

On Monday we went on Splits with Tsukuba, and I went with Elder Cooper who is a new missionary this transfer. We had a lot of fun, and I took him to eat Sushi for his first time in Japan! It was really good. Then yesterday, Tuesday we all gathered at Matsudo and had a big fun Zone P-day party. It was way fun.

So this week has been a lot of fun as you have probably got the drift. We`ve also had some really spiritual experiences too. With Sugai we watched Finding Faith in Christ, and it went really well. At the end he was like crying. We then shared the Scripture from 1 Nephi 2:20 when Nephi is promised a promised land. Then in Mosiah it says almost the same thing, but to everyone. Then we testified that there is a promised land waiting for Him. All he had to do was keep the commandments of God. It was really good.

Everyone thanks for all you do!! And I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!!

Elder Stewart

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