Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hello Everyone!! This week has been a very fun week here in Ushiku. I got the Halloween package Family!! Thankyou very much. Thanks for all the Candy, and games. Me and my companion have been loving UNO. Way quick and easy to play. This week me and my companion decided to go for an adventure down to the Daigaku or College in the Area. My trainer who served here about a year ago, told me we should go there. So last Thursday me and my companion got on our bikes, and headed down there. Well as we were going we found something amazing. A huge park, shopping center, Toys R Us, and a ton of other stores. Found a sports store, where we took a break and hit a couple of balls, (Golf) and went to Sukiya. (Way delicious restaurant) It was amazing. Me and my companion have decided to call it Narnia. We stepped from a world we`ve known for the past few months known as the Ushiku area. And we stepped in A new land Narnia. Full with people to dendo, Koens with kids to play soccer with, and a number of other things. Our perspective of this wonderful land has definantaly changed. It has become much more open. Much more amazed at this world. We have other days planed to venture to the world of Narnia, and other lands further south, and west, which the map shows signs of Shops, and people who need the gospel.
Today we met with a less active who started coming to Eikaiwa 2 weeks ago at our Halloween party. She came to Eikaiwa again last week, and at the end, asked for our number and said she wanted to meet with us. So today, we went out to Lunch with her. It was really cool. She speaks really good English, and lived in Canada and America for a while. She heard the lessons in Japan, and then a year later went to Utah and got baptized there. Shes really cool. Way nice.
Yesterday me and my companion saw some really cool things happen. We went to Sukiya for dinner, and while eating Gyudon, (which is one of my favorite Japanese foods) a guy sat down next to us. I started to talk to him. We talked for a while, and in the End, I was able to give him a Book of Mormon, teach a little about Prophets, and show him the Promise of Moroni in Chapter 10. I told him that I believed that there was a reason he sat next to me. A reason why we went to Sukiya that day, at that time, and a reason why he went to Sukiya. I told him it wasn`t by accident. He seemed pretty impressed. So i told him, to read, and then to call us if he wanted to talk more. He was really nice, and me and my companion were talking after, and we both feel that if he does read, he will get the feeling that its true, and he will call. The amazing thing was is, when he sat down, i had this feeling like i should talk to him. Then I got the thought of maybe his parents, or ancestors were praying for that moment to happen. For him to go to Sukiya. And to sit next to us. I couldn`t ignore a prompting like that. I talked to him, did my thing, and now the rest is up to him. I apologize if it seems like I`m bragging about what I`ve done, but thats not the thing I learned. Truly meeting the missionaries is no accident. It has a purpose. Every person we talk to, I know its because someone was praying for that to happen. And all we have to do is do our part. Let them decide, and we do our part.
I truly believe that what happens here on this earth as far as dendo or missionary work wise, is just the tip of the iceberg. We have no idea how many generations of people or how many people are in the Spirit world praying for this, or hoping for that. We have no Idea, how much meaning everything we do has. Everything we do as members of the Church, it has a meaning. Everywhere we go, we can do something. We can answer a prayer by stopping someone. Not even as a missionary. We can take our headphones out, and talk to the person next to us on the plane, or train, or wherever you may be. We don`t know the prayers that have been offered unto God, just so that specific person would have the chance to be baptized, to accept the Gospel, to listen to the lessons, to hear a portion of the truth, or to even sit next to a true follower of Christ. We really don`t know what we have until we take the time to share it. Then we can truly discover what we have. I know this church is true. I know that Everyone on this earth can find eternal peace through Christ.

Elder Stewart

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