Sunday, February 27, 2011

December 6, 2010

Hey family!!

Well As you are all wondering, I got transferred. I am no longer un Matudo Zone, Ushiku Ward. I am now in Fujisawa Zone, Shonan!!! Its way sick!! Its on the completely other side of the mission, and our area is on the beach. The name of the City is Hiratsuka, Kanagawa ken. Look it up. Way sick. Definitely more city than Ushiku. My companion is Elder Gordon. He is way cool!! Hes half Japanese!! So his Japanese is really good. His mom would always talk to him in Japanese, and he would reply in English. So he just pretty had to learn speaking. Hes way good at Japanese. I`m definitely going to learn a lot from him. Hes on transfer 4, and still in his bean area. Now I`m here. Its a way cool Area. I haven`t really seen much of it, but on the way back from the Eki I got to see quite a bit. Its way cool. I can`t wait to go to the Ocean.

Leaving Ushiku was a little difficult, but I felt a lot of Love from everyone. Especially leaving Darlington Behind. I think those were the funnest 12 weeks of my life. We had a lot of fun. Eikaiwa was really cool, we become really good friends with a lot of the members, and me and him for the most part got along really well. That was realy hard to leave behind, but I`m really stoked to be with Elder Gordon now, and work here in shonan. It seems really good, and looks like it has a lot of Potential. It feels like leaving another family, and now its time to make a new family here in Shonan.

Thankyou everyone for all your love and support and letters. I love and pray for you all!!

Elder Stewart

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