Sunday, February 27, 2011

December 14, 2010

Hey I apologize I`m not going to be able to write a lot, but things are going great!! Last week we had a new student to Eikaiwa, who had also studied a lot about the Church with a missionary in a different area. So we set up a lesson for the next day, and were able to get a baptismal commitment with him. Then we met a couple days later again. His name is Yamaguchi, and he is way cool!! He really is such a funny guy. Hes a stud too. He is learning very slowly, but we feel he has a testimony, and it will just keep growing.

Hey mom I got the Christmas package. Thankyou so much!! I called the Sakurais yesterday evening to let them know I got transfered, and they told me something really funny. That day they were planning on Driving out the Ushiku to celebrate my birthday. But fortunately before they left, they called the Ushiku missionaries, and they said I wasn`t there..... They were shocked and suprised. Haha. Its a good thing they called first right? They`re so funny.

Things in Shonan are going great!! I love being so close to the Ocean, and being so close to Fuji. My companion is the biggest stud. I love him. (No homo....) He went to BYU before the mission, and were planning on being roomates and stuff after the mission. Hes way cool. His mom is Japanese, and is actually from Kiryu, and lived way close to where I lived when I was there. We really want to go visit them. But things are going really good.

Thanks everyone for all the love and support! I love you!!

Elder Stewart

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