Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 6, 2010

Hello Everyone! I have some really good news! So Sister Ito was scheduled to be baptized on the 19th, that is next next Saturday. However, we really felt like she was prepared and didn`t need to wait. So we did her interview on Saturday, and moved her date up to the 12th! So this Saturday she is planning on being baptized. And Elder Gordon is coming back to Shonan for that day to do the baptism. Were really excited! I'm really excited for elder Gordon. He was here for half a year, and didn`t see a baptism. This ward didn't see a baptism last year, so its a little overdue for a baptism. But anyways Elder Gordon never saw a baptism here, and he really deserves it. She was a self referral. Just walked into Church. At Zone Leader council President said something really interesting. he said that when we have self referrals walk into Church saying they want to be taught, it is a gift from God, saying that were working hard. Then he said, and don`t you ever thing otherwise. When he said that I thought of Elder Gordon and how he was working through a really hard companion.
This last week we had a new investigator named Kimura san. Hes 32 and is really cool. We found him on the street, and got an appointment to meet on Sunday night. We went over, and gave us juice, and he was drinking sake. (alcohol) But we started talking and he talked about how he used to be in a yakuza (Japanese Mafia) called Yamaguchigumi. My companion told me its the biggest yakuza in all of Japan. His Uncle is the head guy, and h was a part of it. Well for an assignment he killed a guy, and was is prison for about 8 years. Then quit the Yakuza, and what they do when a member quits is they cut of their pinky. So he had a missing pinky. Anyways he told us that, and said he really wanted to change his life. Believed in Christ, and wanted to get baptized. However as we were talking he kept drinking and time started getting later. We said we`ve got to go, but he didn't want us too. He lives alone, and he kept saying that hes going to get lonely. He started getting angry, and me and my companion were just praying like crazy. Praying that we would get out safely. Finally after 25 minutes and listening to amazing grace like 4 times on my dictionary, he finally let us go. we decided from now on when we meet were going o meet at the church. He also commented on how it would better to not be drinking when we talked next. He realized he was being rude by not letting us go, and apologized. He seemed really sad and thought we wouldn`t meet again. But yesterday we called and set up an appointment to met tonight at the Church. Were looking forward to that. Planning on talking about Alma the Younger and how he was tormented because of his sins, but through Christ he was forgiven and found redemption. we think that will apply to him well. Were hoping to get him baptized this transfer. We think we could.
So were looking forward to another good week. Thanks for all the love and support you all give me! I love you all so much!

Elder Stewart

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