Friday, March 4, 2011

March 1, 2011

Okay, I have got a lot to write!! I`m still in Shonan, and i`m still with my beanchan. I was happy to not get transferred. Yesterday we had our planning session for the week, and Ive never had so much to do!! We got 4 referrals from various resources, and were excited for the week to contact them!! We stopped and talked to this guy last Friday, and were meeting with him tonight. He said he has interest and so does his sisters family!! So were really excited. This is definitely going to be a good transfer. We have got a LOT of PI, and a couple really good investigators. Its looking to be a good transfer. So yes Mom, Ito Shimai (Shimai means sister) came back, and we got a date for March 19th. She`s about 33 and she set that date, and were actually meeting with her later today! The only challenges she might have, is with tea, but we don't think that will hold her back. Were pretty sure she`ll get baptized. She told us the Sunday she came back to Church, that she will definitely get baptized in March! Woot!
Also Yuji is doing really well. He wanted to come to Church on Sunday, but his mother did not let him because he has a big test coming up for school. He sprained his ankle so he can`t do basketball, so now he has time for church!! We also have a goal to baptize him this transfer.
WE have a less active guy were working with, the Kaneko family. The Dad has been less active since before I was born. The two oldest sisters just got back from missions, and the next sister is just about to leave. Then the youngest is now 16. But he speaks English, so we watched the Mormon Messages with him, and it was really good. We have really gotten a good relationship with him, and their family. Just like in Kiryu I had the Sakurais, in here its the Kanekos. I love them so much! And its really hard to see the father not coming to church, when the rest of the family is so active. That is one of our goals this transfer, is to get him back! We have such a good relationship, and we really think this is the time to help him come back. Its good timing.
I hope Angie and Nate move to SLC!! I can`t believe my nephew is looking that old and grown up, and I haven`t even met him yet!! Its crazy!! Hang in there Angie and Nate. I`ll be home to help you soon, and thanks so much for you blogs! I love them.
One of the Mormon Messages I really like, is Elder Holland talking about the Savior. One thing he says is, `May we declare ourselves more fully disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not in word only, and not in the flush of comfortable times, but in word, and deed.` I probably messed that up, but I really like it. We must ALWAYS be proud of who we are. Especially in japan Christianity is kind of looked down upon. Everyone is Buddhist. But that is a message we have been sharing with members, is that we must ALWAYS be proud of being a member of the true Church of Jesus Christ. No matter what the condition, no matter what the trial. I know this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Again Thank you for everything Everyone! I love you all. Arigatou

Elder Stewart

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