Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hello everyone!!
Well I apologize, not much time, but I got transfered!! Here in Fukuoka we get the call on Wednesday morning, and then on Thursday morning, we move. So I got transfered. I'm now in Fujisaki, which is the area right next to Fukuoka. I'm with Elder Brown, who is a tokyo missionary too. Also something interesting, President Albrecht went home for a couple weeks to America, but today he is coming back. Pretty cool. We have not heard anything official from anything though.
So here in Fujisaki, there is four of us missionaries. Its way fun! Elder Johnson who is going home soon, then theres me, Elder Brown whose transfer 4, then Elder Johnsons comp is a beanchan. So its REALLY fun. I'm doing good here. We've only been here a couple days, but weve found two new investigators, and we have a baptismal date. Its nice not having much responsibility, so you can just focus on the area your in. Elder Brown and I don't know how much longer were going to be here, but we really want to see some miracles, and baptisms before we go back. A lot of people think Tokyo will open back up soon, but we haven`t heard any official announcement, so we dont know.
Well I love you all! I hope you had a good Easter! It felt like a special Easter for me here. I really enjoyed it. The church is true, Christ is risen, and because of that, we can live again to, with our family, and friends! I know thats true and I glory in that.
Elder Stewart

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