Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011


Well I have a new companion!! We had Mini Zone Conference on Friday and had interviews as well. In the interview President told me that I was getting a new companion and Petersen Choro was going into the Honbu. The Tokyo mission is going to be test piloting computers. In a month here, every apartment is going to get computers. We are the first mission in the world to get them. So with that they`re going to be needing more help. They pulled two more APs in to the mission home to handle all the work. He is one of them. My bean is an AP now! So I am now with Elder Christensen from Sugarhouse. He is transfer 2 right now. Hes way cool. He actually went to East High school, so he knows Brother Yablonavsky from our Ward. Haha. So yea President pretty much told me and him that we had three weeks together. He said I have 3 weeks to help him learn the area and everything. Then Im getting transferred. Way unexpected!! I really couldn't believe it.

So Kobayagawa, our 16 year old investigator is doing really really well. I don't know if I said how we found him, but we found him streeting. I was riding in the front, and crossed the road, but Petersen choro couldn't really follow. He was about to cross later on, but I told him to stay on that side, and talk to people. Then I would talk to people on my side. The first person he stopped was Kobayagawa. Got his info, and set up another appointment. So he came to Ito Shimais baptism and we met after and got a date for baptism. Then came to church the next day and loved it. The past couple of days when we were talking we asked how his faith is going. He said he believes more than the first time we met. He also said that the more he reads the Book of Mormon, the more he feels like he needs to be baptized. The only problem is that he is 16, and we need his parents approval. He hasn't talked to them yet. When we talked about that he said hes going to talk to them on Friday. I asked him if he knew what he was going to say, and he said he didnt, but was planning on saying something like He wants to join this church. He feels something different at church. Different than when he goes to School. Hes sooo strong! We`re just praying that his parents will let him be baptized. His date is for the 26th. Please pray for him. Hes going to talk to them on Friday. Were just praying they`ll let him.

Something I learned/remembered recently. I was doing an activity for companionship activity with Elder Petersen, and we started talking about the restoration for something. Also recently I feel like I haven't had something cool to talk with people about on the street or housing. Then I remembered something in my patriarchal blessing. It says that throughout my mission I will love bearing testimony of the restoration, and even continue testifying of it until after my mission. I set a goal at that time to testify as much as possible about the restoration. I really do know the restoration is true. I`ve had opportunities recently to testify of it, and I love the feeling it gives me. Its amazing. Again, I know it is true.

Thanks everyone! I Love you!!

Elder Stewart

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