Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Hello Everyone!!
Hey that is cool Brother Dahle called. He was a cool guy. Yea his companion was kaneko Kyodai. You talked to his wife and maybe son when you called for mothers day. Do you remember? We are probably not going to be able to get him back to Church now, but we have definately made a BIG step. Were not going to give up on him.
As far as the computers go, they`re going to be really restricted. We`ll only be able to get on a few websites. LDS. org, email, and I think that is it. Way strict, but its good. That is interesting that even missionaries had problems with Porn. It makes sense. I don't know what it is like in Guatemala, but Porn is all over the place here. The Sendai mission wasn't even allowed to go into convenience stores because of all the Porn. But its only one rack, so if you avoid that, your totally fine. Sorry Mom don't mean to worry you. But yea its interesting.
I am still in Shonan right now. Still with the Kanekos. I love it here, but I am out in a week in a half. Technically it has not yet been decided, but President told me in my interview I'm getting transferred. He also told Elder Christensen who came in recently he had 3 weeks to learn everything before I am gone. Way good news though. So from coming back, two zones have not been opened yet. That is Kiryu and Matsudo. The two zones I have been in. Well, they`re opening up some of the areas again!! In the Matsudo zone, only two areas are opening, and in the Kiryu zone, all but two are opening!! I think I might be sent up to Kiryu Zone. I talked to president about it in the interview, and I think that really might happen but we will see. There are some things I want to do up there. Jun Gallini, the 12 year old we baptized, moved to the Takasaki area, (Kiryu Zone) with his inactive mom. Now he is less active as well.
So Kobayagawa was scheduled to be baptized this Sunday, but he talked with his parents, and they didn't give him the approval. They said once he turns 20, if he still wants to, he can, but until then he needs to focus on his studies, and things with the family. Dang. he really wanted to join too. That is the sad thing. We went and visited his parents with a Kaneko Eugene, and we only met his grandpa and Mom. They were both pretty scary. It was the first time for all of us.
This Sunday was AMAZING at Church!! We left Church at the end of the 1st hour, to go get Makoto Kyodai. (Sacrament meeting here is the Third hour) He was not home, but his dad was home, and said he was at work. So we started heading back, and ran into him!! So after joking around, we went to Church together!! We were a little late to Sacrament meeting, but he came! He took the bread and water and everything. He said he liked it. Then during the sacrament, Eduardo, a man we found from Bolivia walked in. He saw a Brazilian brother on the stand who was blessing the sacrament, and said that they work together! In total yesterday we had 5 investigators at Church!! We really have some good investigators and hopefully well see at least one baptism before I leave.
Well things are going great!! We went to the Temple yesterday. It was way fun!! Now were at Fujisawa church and we have a district meeting. You guys all hang in there! I love you all!!
Elder Stewart

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