Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Well we did have another earthquake. It hit by Tsukuba, which is right next to Ushiku, my second area, and I did feel it. It wasnt really big, just a little one. Nothing compared to the big one. Yea I heard about Japan winning the world cup game! Yesterday at Conference President announced it. Haha. It was suprising.
So in a week from today, were getting the computers!! I cant believe it. haha. When I got here, they said it was going to be happening soon, and now its finally happening. Theres over 90 computers in the mission home, and on next Tuesday, theres going to be a big training and they`re going to hand them all out!! Were are the pilot mission for the world for this project. The missionary board, the 12 apostles, the first presidency, and everyone is going to be watching us closely. President feels really strongly about this idea, but for obvious reasons, is really really nervous. Were going to have internet access, so we can email investigators and members more effeciently. We are also going to have a digital area book. No more paper area books, but its all going to be on the computer. Also presidents letters, and all other paper things are going to be done online. Again, our mission is the pilot mission for the world. If we mess it up, its going to be stopped, and not continue to other missions. However if were able to use it effectively, then it will be spread out to other missions. Another cool thing, is were going to be able to do Skype. Well be able to video call investigators, members, and also for mothers day and Christmas, our family. Its crazy. Everything is going to be completely different. Itll be interesting to see how things will go.
Yesterday at conference, I got a letter. It had me release date, and what is called here, the `death letter`. My release date is December 20th. 5 months. Crazy fast.
Last week we found 3 new investigators!! We met this Chinese bro named Alex. Set up a time to meet, and do a little free Japanese class for him. He also brought his wife to it as well!! We met, played ping pong, did some Japanese, then talked about church. They`re about to have a baby in about a month here, so family is a very important thing for them. We talked about eternaly families and the blessings that come from it. Then we talked about how to get it. Then we read 2 Nephi 31 where it talks about the gate we must enter is repentance, and baptism. We said this was the first step. Without the step, we can not gain Eternal Life. They met each other in Australia, so they`re English is really good. We commited them to be baptism next month on the 14th, and they said yes! We just need to follow up like crazy, and help them to meet that goal. They`re the cutest couple though. So cool. It would be so cool to see them get baptised, and go to the temple! We talked about temples too. They said they would like to be married for eternity as well. If possible. They still need more faith, but they have the desire, so the faith will come.
Again its been a good busy week!! Me and my companion went to Kiryu last Thursday for Splits. I visited some members we baptised, and it was cool to see them still strong. Sakaki Kyodai was doing really good. Unfortunately Julia and Haruki went back to their real mother, so we have absolutely no idea where they are. Its kind of sad, but the family they were staying with in Kiryu cant even know their whereabouts. I just pray Ill be able to see them somehow again before my mission ends.
Thanks everyone for all your love and concern. I love you all
Elder Stewart

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