Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hello Everyone

So it has been a pretty good week. We saw some cool success with the computers. In Shonan I had this investigator named Yamaguchi. He almost got baptized a couple of times, but it never happened. Well he isn't doing so well right no, and really needs stronger faith. So even though I'm here in Takasaki, we have been reading the Book of Mormon together, and talking about it through mail. Every morning I read the chapter for the day, and send him an e-mail with some questions to think about as he reads it. Its been going really well. He has been learning and having a spiritual experience every day, and is really helping him to progress.

This week we also got invited to eat at a members house on Wednesday. That was cool! Haha.
This past week my love for Japan has improved immensely. On Saturday we went to a Matsuri, and it was really really cool. Also lately I've been feeling more and more comfortable speaking in Japanese. Its fun again to learn and Study Japanese. Earlier on in my mission I loved studying Japanese, but I kind of lost it a little, but the past week or two has been great. Its going to be so hard to leave this country. I love it here. Right now, I would say i love it over America, but maybe that is just because I haven't experienced America in over a year and a half. Haha. Last transfer here in Takasaki, I was having a hard time getting in to the Ward here. It just felt weird. It didn't feel like I was a part of this ward. But now, I feel really comfortable at this ward. I love the members. Things are really looking up right now. We just need to find some more investigators, and keep working with our current investigators. Negishi lost his baptismal date, but he is still progressing. This last week we had a REALLY good lesson, and were stressing the Book of Mormon more than ever, and hopefully he starts reading it more.
Well Love you guys!!
Elder Stewart

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