Monday, September 5, 2011

September 4, 2011

So this last week we had a couple of cool experiences. The sisters here have teaching this 8 year old girl. Her mom and siblings are members, but she hasn't been baptized yet. They thought she was 9, started teaching her, found out she was 8, but kept preparing her for baptism. So she had a date for yesterday, and Ken Kyodai was going to baptize her. (Her father is not a member) However Ken is leaving on his mission, so he had somethings to do, and I got asked to baptize her. I've never officially talked to her before, so it was a little weird, but it was way good! It made me so happy! I love baptizng little kids!! Just like Haruki and Julia. It was the best.
Today we saw a cool miracle. We were heading to Kiryu to give the missionaries there something, but we missed our train, so we decided to do a little streeting and tracting around the Eki. Right when we left the Eki we ran into Ishida! Hes our 75 year old investigator who is moving to Takasaki. He is in Yokohama now, and moved here a week or two ago, but got sick, went to the hospital and then went back to Yokohama to recover. So hes in Yokohama now, but in order to move, he came here to prepare. The chances of us running into him are very slim. We gave him a book of Mormon, talked more about baptism, set a date to work towards, and taught the Word of Wisdom. He smokes, but knows its bad, and said he can stop. He is really one of the elect who are ready to hear and accept the word of God. Once he comes to Church he is going to be fellowshipped so well! This ward is full of Older guys, so its perfect! But he is doing well now again. He'll be moving back to Takasaki soon, but until then we are going to send him scriptures to read.
Again things are going well. This week we are really wanting to find some new investigators. I have a goal for what I want to accomplish in my short time left, and I really want to see it happen.
Thanks for all your love and support. I love you!!
Elder Stewart

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