Friday, March 5, 2010

February 16, 2010

Ok First off, thanks for attaching the pictures from Angie's Blog. I really enjoyed that. It was nice to see pictures of Conner and Caleb. Thanks for that. Second of all thanks for the packages!!! I feel so sooooo loved! You guys are awesome. I gave out Valentines on Saturday, and our whole district wore the heart stickers on our name tag (Which were mistaken for 'dork dots' on many occasions) It was fun though.
Things have been going really well. :) Our senpai including the Nihonjins left which was really sad, so now were down to only 30 in our zone. But next week were getting another 30 kohai! And then in a few more weeks, about 40 more nihonjin!!!! I'm so excited!! With this process that has just occured, my status from Kohai has improved to a SENPAI!!! You know, not many people know what a senpai is, but its equally as respected as sensei. Just so you know. Haha. Well in two days here were going to be teaching the first lesson in Nihongo!! Crazy!! I'm excited though. I know my Japanese is going to improve immensely because of it.
Ok mom, the Nihonjins are going to Japan on their missions, and they left yesterday. So now me and Doryo are now roomate companionshipless..... Well see if we get new roomates Wednesday or not. Or maybe well get some Kohai next week. We'll see. So I've been trying to become one with the Nihonjin people, through my prayers, and something called Seza. Its sitting on you knees, while your sitting back on your feet, so your at a 90 degree angle. It hurts! But sometimes I'll have to do it when teaching lessons or something. Scary!! So I've done it for like 30 minutes, and while your doing it, it only hurts at the beginning. Then the pain goes away, along with you feeling, and blood. You just become numb. Then after a while you reach something called Seza nirvana. You can't feel a thing. You could literally just do it for ever. That is when its the easiest. Then the hardest part comes. Getting up. Your joints won't move, and neither will your legs, cause there is no blood. But then the blood comes, and the pain. Oh man. It hurts so bad. There is nothing you can do but just sit there and try not to move, cause if you do, its more painful. Our sensei told us that there are people in Japan that will literally do it all day, and then at night time they're just able to stand up and walk. Its so not fair. Haha.
Just so you know, I leave six weeks from Yesterday!!! Its so crazy!! I'm so excited to get to japan, and preach the gospel and just be enveloped in the culture. I want to try Nato, I want meet an old nice Japanese woman name kyoko, I want to have my nice comfy Japanese bed, nice bidet toilet, experience a squatting toilet, oh boy. I'm excited.
Well I love you all. And thanks for all your love and support!!
Love, Kyle

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