Friday, March 5, 2010

February 23, 1010

Hey family!! Sorry this letter is going to be short. The internet stopped working, and so now I only have like 7 minutes. I'm just going to hit a few things.

So we switched rooms, and buildings today. Like where we live, cause there wasn't room to fit all the elders coming in. We getting about 38 Kohai tomorrow, and then in a few weeks were getting about 42 Nihonjin. Its going to be crazy!!! Our zone is going to be like the biggest!! It'll be fun. :)

I think i left my charger cable for my shaver at home. I totally remember packing it, but i cannot find it anywhere. I'm sorry.

Mom.. I was wondering if you could also buy a couple of the Japanese CTR rings. My companion wants one. Mr. Macs will just deliver it straight to us. At least that is what they told me. Its the bigger one, and we need a size 9-, and 8-. If you could do that that would be great.

Ok about letters. I feel semi overwhelmed with all the people I need to write. I'm sorry. I'm not the best at writing, so I just want everyone to know that I love them!! And I'm doing better than ever!! I love this language, I love this Gospel!! I'm feeling better and better about the language, although I still do have a long ways to do. I love you guys! I never thought I could be this happy! Love, Elder Stewart

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