Friday, March 5, 2010

March 2, 1010

Hello family!! How is everyone doing at home?!?! Things are going great here. :) I can't believe I leave in less than four weeks!! I'm so excited! We're teaching the second lesson on Thursday in Japanese and I'm really nervous!! We taught the first lesson last week and the week before, and last week went really well. And it was all in Japanese!!! Crazy!! It was a lot of fun though. This language is so much fun to learn. But its also so hard. Haha. I'm working on memorizing the first vision in Japanese and its pretty cool. :) The language is set up so much different!! Its crazy! The biggest thing I've learned though is how scared the Japanese people are of offending you. They always go around things so they're not as 'straight' as Americans are. They're not as straight forward and honest like Americans. Its crazy. Well I'm going to try and write a letter today because i lost a lot of time because the computer kicked me out. Again. They're trying to upgrade us all to a new My LDS mail, but its a pain when you only have 30 minutes. Well I love you guys. I love being a missionary!! Ai Shiteimasu

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