Friday, March 5, 2010

March 2, 2010 (second e-mail)

I'm going to try and write more letters today, which I probably haven't done the best on. Its hard especially when you have so many things to do. I guess just know that I love you guys. I really am grateful for everything yo do, and I'm grateful for you example to me. It was awesome to see Becca last Tuesday!! Haha. Seeing her and Spencer has reminded me of the world outside of the MTC. Haha. Thats what happens when you live in a classroom for half of your day. Haha. s So what Spencer always said about how people that go stateside come back with a testimony. And those that go to South America come back with a language, and those who go to Asia go, and then come back....yea....Its true. But they also come back humble. Wow. SYL is something thats very hard. I have friends going who are speaking Spanish, and they're just able to SYL, and their Spanish is pretty good. But its nothing like that with Japanese. At least for me its not like that. There is so much Grammar to learn its crazy. Its not plug and chug like Spanish, its twist and scramble the language. We've learned different grammar and stuff like that, but its hard to implement it. This language may be harder than other languages, but that doesn't matter. In Preach my Gospel, I can't remember exactly where, and what it exactly says, but it talks about how not to worry about exactly what your saying. Just because your language is perfect, doesn't make the gospel not perfect. I think i just explained what I got from it. I can't remember what it said exactly. But when I'm teaching at the TRC, I've been trying to remember that Yea, my Japanese is probably not even close to good, but that doesn't matter. Just as long I can get my point across the spirit will do the rest. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly being carried by the small and weak. Who would expect 19 year olds to leave their family, cars, girls, friends, and other things for two years, learn a new language, and move to a country on the other side of the world? I'm sure God could call many others who have better Japanese, and know the Gospel better than me, and they would be able to get right out off the bat teaching people. If God wanted to, he could give us a magical fruit or something so we know this language. God could do that. He could do all things. But He doesn't He wants us to learn. He wants me to learn. And because i'm learning, and because of the trials and hard things I have, and will experience, how much more joy I'll have when I do bring someone unto Christ. You don't appreciate something as much when its just given to you. If a mission weren't hard, it wouldn't be a mission. It wouldn't mean as much. Its such an amazing thing to be a missionary. I love it. I thank god everyday day for this opportunity. Its an amazing work. I just hope I can rise to noble calling I have and be the best instrument in the Lords hand that I can. I love this Gospel. I Love my family. I'm grateful for all my friends and the example they've been to me. Thankyou everyone!!!

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