Monday, September 27, 2010

September 21, 2010

Hello again!! Well this has been another fun week in Ushiku. Me and Elder Darlington have been working hard to learn more Japanese, find people, memorize the members in the ward and more. We have a ward of over 100 people, so learning the name of all the members is very hard. But were hanging in. On Sunday President Albrecht is coming to our ward in Ushiku to visit. So I`m a little nervous for that, but it will be very fun. That is another big reason we`re trying to learn all the members, is for when he comes. Yesterday we went to Matsudo and played soccer with some other missionaries, members, and investigators. It was way fun!! But now I`m way sore. When it come to riding a bike i have no problem, but running like i did before the mission, i can`t do it. Its impossible. It was so much fun to play. Brought back a lot of memories.
We`re looking forward to doing a lot of dendo this week, and trying to find a lot of people. Oh yea!! Last week to our Eikaiwa we had like 7 new students, so we`ll see if we get some new investigators from that. We have taught the introduction message to two of them, and they seemed pretty interested, but they said they wanted to read over and study it themselves a little. We gave them a pamphlet either the gospel of Jesus Christ, or plan of salvation and they said they would read it. That was really good. Oh yea!! On Saturday we went to Kiryu for Sakaki`s baptism. It was way good! When he bore his testimony after it was way cool. He said that Sakurai Kyodai really helped him overcome his problems, and helped him to be baptized. It really is a miracle that he got baptized. It really shows that anyone can accept this gospel, and experience the love of Christ. That was a really neat experience. Well I love you all. Thanks for all your love and support!! Bye Bye!!

Elder Stewart

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