Monday, October 4, 2010

October 3, 2010

This last week has been way fun!! We had splits a couple of times, and had a lot of fun!! On saturday we went on splits with the Ward mission leader, and with one of the youth preparing to go on a mission. After we showed them what a Tim tam slam is!! So good!! Do they have those in America? I never knew about Tim tam's before I came here to Japan. They Australian chocolates. So good. Look them up!! Anyways we did that, and talked about serving a mission with the youth. It was way awesome!
Then on Sunday we had church, and a guy who was born in Zimbabue came. He married a girl who used to live in this ward. They live now in Oyama, which is North of here. It was way cool to talk with him. So many members here speak English!! Every Sunday I find more and more people who speak English.
So yesterday we went on splits with the Zone leaders. We left the apartment, and talked to someone like 30 seconds out. I stopped him and started talking, and he said he could speak English and that he used to come to the English class we do. So we got his number, and said we would call him. I said we would come next week. Then the next person we talked to was also way cool. We got his number, and gave him a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation. This was way rare. Getting numbers like that is extremely hard. Well at the end of the day, we had two more phone numbers, and an appointment set for the following week with a guy we met housing. It was so much fun! We saw more success yesterday then I have this transfer so far. As far as finding on our own efforts go. It was way cool. Now were in Matsudo. This ward building is like the biggest in Japan. Its five stories tall. Its bigger than the Temple!
So things have been going great lately! Its been getting cooler here. This summer was one of the hottest summers in Japan. So hot, and so humid. I remember Elder Kings glasses would just fog up the minute we step out of the apartment in Kiryu. Way funny. Well I`m having fun here in Japan. I can`t believe I reached six months in Japan last week. I can`t believe it. I love it here though. People are way nice, and its fun being a missionary. I know this gospel is true. It is the greatest thing in the would we could be apart of. As members, we are missionaries. We must rise to what the Lord wants us to do. And as we do so, we will gain such greater blessings! I know that is true! Ganbarou!!
Elder Stewart

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