Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 12, 2010

Hello!! Well we just had General Conference a couple days ago! It was way good!! We had to go to Matsudo to watch which was fun. Its about an hour away. I did miss Elder Hollands talk which i heard was very good. I`m actually listening to it now. I love his voice. I also loved Elder Uchtdorfs talk about beautiful Simplicity. I loved the quote, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That hit me, and I related it to the way I teach. I`m so grateful for the opportunity to teach this gospel to a non-christian background people. We are able to keep things Simple and pure. Simple and clean. This Gospel truly has a beautiful simplicity. Its very easy to get deep and worry about the little things about our Church and its doctrine, but we must step back and once again find the pure and wonderful points in order to keep our testimony. We can not always focus on the strings, but look back at the puppets they`re holding up. Look back at the thing worth focusing on. This Church is truly Amazing!!

So on Friday we were out visiting members, and after we had visited one, We were coming back, me and my companion were racing up a hill, and a car pulled out. From that I had my first experience in an ambulance, and in a Japanese Hospital! Don`t worry it wasn`t me, but my companion. I swerved out of the way, but we wasn`t so lucky. He hit his front brakes, and flipped and hit the car. He got cut by his ear, and the blood started dripping into his ear, so when they saw that, they flipped out and thought he was bleeding from the ear. So they called the ambulance, and went to the hospital. We didn`t even leave a dent in the car!! I was so suprized!! He hit it hard, and hes a big guy. But now hes ok, and all well. Well I love you guys! Bye bye

Elder Stewart

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