Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 26, 2010

Hello everyone!

Well its been another week, and another Transfer. I cannot believe its already here. Me and Elder Darlington did not get transferred. We are still here in Ushiku and the Ward seems happy about that. We have really seen some cool things this last week. On Sunday we had a lady come to church totsuzen. No one knew who it was, but shes the friend of a member and decided to come. We taught a semi lesson at Sunday school, and we have another appointment for tomorrow. She Chinese, so KINJIN!!!! (金人) A golden investigator. They have that rep in Japan here. Everyone one here loves Chinese investigators. So it went really well. She came to Japan A little after I did, and she has really good Japanese. She studied a lot before she came here so shes really good. A lot of the Church vocab she didn`t understand like Prophet, but we just drew the Kanji, and she understand. Same with Prayer, and faith. Way cool. I`m excited to talk more with her tomorrow. I think that will be a lot of fun. We have a sister here who served her mission in Taiwan, so were going to try and get her to Joint for us.
Tomorrow night we have Eikaiwa as usual. And were going to have a Halloween party!! I`m way excited!! We`re making a pinata and everything. We`re way excited. We hope well get a lot of people there. Yea.......... Then the primary asked us to make a pinata too, so were making one for them too. Its way fun. Well yea things are going normal here! Just starting a new transfer off. Me and my companion are excited. We`ve got a lot of things going. Oh yea!! On Wednesday we met with Sugai san again. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring. And of course, like everything he said he believed it. So we asked and committed to be baptized. He said he was not sure because he has things he needs to stop before that. But in his prayer, he said that he wants to be baptized, and hes going to work hard so he can. But then asked God for help. Way good!! I really think Hes going to be baptized. Hes another Kinjin!! So yea things are going good. We have got Halloween coming up here. No one really celebrates it, but decorations and stuff like that are out. Its kind of cool. Pumpkins, and things of that nature.
Well I love you guys!! Japan is amazing!! Its starting to get colder here, and from what people say, we don`t get snow in Ushiku..... NO!!!!!!! Bitter cold, but no snow..... I guess that's OK for missionaries though. We can still ride our bikes. Until next week!!

Elder Stewart

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