Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 31, 2010

Hi Everyone

So this week has been very good!! We met again with Sugai on Wednesday, and we got a baptismal date for December 1st!! He still has problems with Tobacco and Sake, but were working with him to stop smoking. We have been calling everyday to see how many cigarettes he at, and he says hes down to about 20. Normally he does about 30. So that's doing pretty well. His goal was to be at 15 tomorrow. I think he can do it. This is my first investigator with this kind of a problem, so its a new experience for me. He really wants to get Baptized, and I think if he hangs in there, he can be baptized on the 1st.

Also the Chinese lady that came to Church last week. He name is Chou. We were not able to meet with her last week. We had an appointment but it fell through. We tried calling on Sunday, but she did not answer. Then yesterday we were planning, and we started talking about her, trying to figure out what we can do. Right when we were doing so, she called us!! So we set an appointment for Thursday. Way cool!! We hope she turns into a good investigator. Shes Chinese so maybe.
So right now we are in Tsukuba emailing. We had to come in last night for a baptismal Interview here, and we spent the night, then just had all you can eat Pizza and Shakies.

Oh!! On Wednesday we had our Halloween party at Eikaiwa which was awesome!! It was seriously my funnest Eikaiwa. (English Conversation class). We talked at first about Halloween Traditions, and then got out the pinata which was the best!! Everyone got a swing or do at it, then we pulled out something harder, and the last person destroyed it. Then the candy went everywhere!! One of our students son Yuuki comes every week. He dressed up, and it was awesome!! He loved the pinata. It was way good cause some Potential Investigators came, and we build a good relationship with them, and we had this one less active lady come for the first time, and I met her for the first time. We talked after and she said she wants to come next week. Yosh!! It was a very good night. Crazy day, and was one of my best days here.

Well I love you all Thanks again for all your love and Support!!

Elder Stewart

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