Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 23, 2011

Hello everyone!! How are you all!? I`m doing great here in Shonan. I love it here. We`re now on week 6 together. Its week six of the transfer, so in a few days here well find out if one of us are getting transferred. Chances are of course that Ill get transferred out, but the question is if its this transfer or next? I`ve only been with my bean for one transfer, so well see. Some are with there is for 1, some 2. I was only with my trainer for 1. So well see. Next week when I email I`ll let you know!!

So this week we saw some really cool miracles!! One that was way cool, was Ito shimai. She came back to church last week, and said shes definitely going to be baptized in March. So this week we set a date. She decided March 19 as the day she wants to get Baptized!! We really think it will go through. She really has amazing faith! Were praying and hoping it goes through. It seems lately that Ive been able to get Baptismal dates easily, but its just following through with them that's been harder. I really hope this one follows through.

Another Miracle is with our friendly half Japanese half African American Yuuji. We have been meeting him about every week, and a few weeks ago asked him when he wanted to be baptized. He said maybe when hes 30...... Yikes. Of course we talked about it, and convinced him that he should get baptized sooner than that. But right now hes playing basketball for his school team, and plays every single day. So he can`t come to Church and hes really busy. He came last Wednesday night to English Class, and came to my class. The theme was family, so I drew my family on the board, explained them all, and talked about them. Near to the end I talked about how much serving missions has strengthened our family. How before my brothers missions we didn`t get along really well, but since they came back, things have been different. Anyways, after Eikaiwa, (English Conversation Class) we went up the the kitchen in the Church and started to snack, and talk. I talked with him, and he said something really cool. He said `I kind of want to try the mission thing. Which is funny because i haven`t even done the baptism thing yet`. He speaks English and that is whats he said to me. I was really happy!! Then on Saturday, we had a baptismal service for Odawara, and he came late and limping. He had fallen while playing Basketball and sprained his ankle. So now he can`t play basketball for a few months!! He told us he might be able to come to Church in 2 or 3 weeks cause right now hes studying for a test, but after that he can come to church. So now hes ankle is busted up, but now has time for Church. And the Basketball season was going to be ending in about 3 to 4 months anyways, so its good timing. We really hope he starts coming to church and stuff. Hes been an investigator for a long time, so were hoping he just finally gets baptized.

Well I love you all, and I'm grateful for all your prayers and love. Keep hanging in there, no matter where you are in the World!!

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