Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day everyone!!

We had a great week here!! Yesterday because it was valentines day me and my companion went to the Church and made Cookies and cards for all the members. Unfortunately right when we finished it started to rain, and then eventually turned into Snow!! So we made the cookies, then ran over to Chigasaki to meet up with a PI we met on the train, and then after that we went to deliver cookies!! We were out for like 4 hours just riding in the snow, and it was getting thicker and thicker, and then looked like snow back on Utah. Nice big flakes. But we were getting soaked. We rode a lot, and my bike back brake broke, and then my front one wore down, so I didn't exactly have the brakes, but it was still really fun!! So yea it snowed here a lot yesterday and stuck!! Also last week on Friday is snowed all day, but didnt really stick unfortunately. But it was still fun! Its really rare here to have snow, so we were REALLY surprised. Haha.

Then today we had a special conference this morning. Elder Holland, and Elder Rasband, and our area presidency was all there. Elder Holland, Elder Rasband, Elder Aoyagi and their wives all spoke to us. It was really neat. Elder Holland said so many really cool things. It was really neat. I really loved it a lot. We could really feel the spirit so strong. We all shook his hand, and that was amazing, to look into his eyes, and shake his hand. Really intimidating.

So things are really going well here. Our investigator pool is growing, Were helping to get our members more excited about missionary work, and President Albrecht is coming this Sunday to visit the ward!! Were excited for that.

Anyways I love you all!! Happy Valentines day!!

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