Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Pictures from Elder Stewart

The is called a Mochitsuki. Mochi is rice, and tsuki is like pound. So they put nice fresh rice in that wooden bowl, and pound it. Then it becomes just a soft solid. Thats called Mochi. Its really really good. Then you put stuff on it like Nato, or kinako. Its really good. Very Japanesey, but very good. The Mochitsuki is something done at the beginning of the year in Japan. Its a tradition.

This is a picture of Yokohama. Its very famous!! I went there with Elder Gordon once, and just went with Elder Petersen and the Sakurais last week for P-Day. It has that famous Ferris wheel, and that famous Hotel. You see a lot of pictures with that. Then not included in the picture is Landmark Tower. The tallest building in Japan. It has the fastest elevator in the world, and its really fast!! Its way cool. Then its right on the ocean so you have a really good view.

This picture is of me and my Bean our first day at the Mission home.

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