Sunday, February 27, 2011

January 17, 2011

Well I was not transferred. But my companion was. He got transferred to Yokosuka, which is still pretty close on the coast here, and has a base. Its pretty cool. Hes way excited about it. As far as me, I'm staying in Shonan, and I'm actually getting my companion tomorrow. He comes to Japan, actually probably on the plane right now, and well get our beans tomorrow. So there's only three coming in. One is an army guy from America, one is a half from Japan, and the last is from Thailand. Actually the first missionary from Thailand to come to Japan. Pretty cool. Were really excited to meet them tomorrow and figure out who goes with who!! Way crazy. Yea Right now Im in Kamioka waiting with another trainer. Tomorrow were meeting at the mission home at 830 in the morning, have training, then get our bean, and come home!! Way exciting. I am really nervous. I little scared, but Ive thought a lot about it, and decided that this call came not only from President Albrecht, but also from the Lord. And because of that, he will make a way for me to train, and survive. I know that's true. I know the Lord gives us difficulties, but with that, he will prepare a way to do that thing. Its our choice whether or not we use what he has prepared.
Yea I hit my year mark, and with my companion burned a tie. It was just a cheap 100 yen daiso tie, actually the first one I bought in Japan. But it was good. Didnt really work as well though. But yea. It was hard saying goodbye to Elder Gordon, because we became really really good friends. But were excited for the rest of our mission, and after at BYU too.
This week on Friday we went bowling with two of our Investigators, and a member. It was way fun!! When of the investigators was a new one, so it was good to build more relationship. hes 21 and a firefighter, and really funny. Hes been teaching us a lot of funny/interesting japanese. Way funny. The other investigator was Yamaguchi, who we lost contact because of New Years things, but after we played we went to Mcdees with him, and talked. We were able to get a date for the 13th of February, and set the expectations to meet twice a week, and he was cool with it. So were hoping and praying he will go through. And hopefully this new beanchan will see a baptism in his first transfer!! Atsushi, the firefighter is also really good. Hes been praying and feels the spirit, and feels Gods love, so hes starting to get that strong foundation.
I love Shonan here. Its amazing. Last week for P-day we went to Yokohama Land mark tower. It was really cool. Look it up. Its huge!! And we were there for the night time, so it was way pretty to see the city lit up.
Well next week Ill be able to let you know what race my son is, and what language he speaks....... Supposedly the Thailand Elder doesn't speak much English.... Oh boy. Haha. I'm excited though. Whatever race he is, well have fun together, and see miracles.
I love you all. Thanks for all the support and love!!

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