Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hey Everyone!!

Hey I don`t know anything about the earthquake. I don't remember feeling a thing.... Thats funny. What did you hear? All I know is that it was in Iwate Ken. But again. I didn't feel anything.

So a new announcement. This is a worldwide thing. Every companionship in the entire world is going to be getting personal DVD player for their apartment..... The computers we are getting don't have a DVD or CD compartment. They have this training movie called `the district` and they are wanting missionaries to be able to do more training from them, so every companionship is getting DVD players....... Interesting. I wonder how long it will last.

So I`m getting transferred this week. I talked with President on the phone today, and he said I'm getting transferred. He didn't say where, or who is coming in to Shonan, but I'm gone. I told him to send in someone strong, and older to keep things going. Last week we had 3 new investigators! Two weeks ago we had a new student at Eikaiwa, and set up a lesson the following week. So last week we had her introduction lesson, and she was WAY interested. Shes been to Church before, and believes in God and Christ. Got another appointment, and new investigator. Also our New Zealand member brought his two friends to Church from New Zealand. They are planning on getting married in October, so temples in something we wanted to talk to them about. Well lucky for us, a member talked about Richard G. Scott's talk about being married in the temple from this last talk. (Made a LOT of missionaries WAY trunky....) And luckily, I was the one translating, so I ended up just talking to them about Temples, and how its for time and all eternity. After I handed him a book of Mormon in English, and he was way grateful. Way cool. Were seeing them again this Saturday.

Today was REALLY hot. Its been up to like 34 C recently, and were excited for it to get hotter! That's about all the news I've got...... OH! so our family investigator SATO, has a 10 year old daughter Mia. Shes way cool. She came to Primary a while ago but stopped. After the earthquake we visited, and slowly got the daughter and mom to church. Well the past two weeks have been amazing. Mia has come to church all by herself, and stayed for all three hours!! Also last week she sang with all the primary kids. She pretty much is like any other primary kid. Anyways we've been trying to help her be baptized, but whenever we are with her, and talk to her about it, she shys off and goes to her mom. Well this last week we decided to visit, and took her a picture of John the baptist baptizing Christ. So we were able to talk with her honestly and openly. She said she wanted to be baptized. We were way happy! Unfortunately the father said no. He thinks it would be good for her to be baptized, but he feels like if she got baptized now, he would not be able to support and help her. The father says he smokes, and drinks, and it would not be good for Mia. We tried to help him understand the importance of her being baptized, and receiving the Holy Ghost as a companion, but he still said no. We respect that though. He also said that maybe someday they could all be baptized together. That would be amazing!

Seriously though that's heart breaking!! Kobayagawa and Mia. Both want to be baptized, but just don't have the permission. Its hard to see that. I can`t say that here in Shonan we saw a lot of success baptism wise. But we've seen A LOT of miracles. We've seen a lot of cool things. This area is much much stronger now. A lot more going on. In that way I feel like we have seen success here. It would have been nice to see some more people get baptized, but I think we've started a lot of seeds that someday will sprout. I can truly see a lot of these people being baptized. Just may need time, and help. I just pray they`ll all have another chance to be baptized. But everything is in the Lords hand, and everything will happen in his timing. I believe that.

Again thanks everyone for your friendship and love and support. 伝道で頑張りましょう!

Just remember... Every member a missionary..... Every day look for an opportunity to Dendo! (Dendo - missionary work) That's the lifeblood of the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God cannot progress without the members doing dendo. I promise the Lord will bless you if you reach out and help someone else.

Elder Stewart

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